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One day, I’d like to speak on a panel.

Any kind, I’m not picky. There’s actually a ton of panels in (gr)ad school but no one has ever asked me to be on one. I could talk about almost anything like: big tech, the future of big tech, will big tech overtake little tech at some point? (it totally could, by the way) and other stuff, too. Except snakes, I’m morbidly scared of snakes.

If you’re looking to hire an (aspiring) art director OR an (aspiring) panel speaker please call me. Texting is cool too but I do like phone calls. Unless they’re about snakes. Please no snakes please. Thanks!

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Erich and Kallman // AD Intern // Summer 2020
Sol Design // Jr. Designer // 2018 - 2019
WOLO-TV // Sports Intern // 2018

VCU Brandcenter // Art Direction // 2021
University of South Carolina // Journalism // 2018
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